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Discover culinary delights,
handcrafted with love

Homemade Happiness

From our Kitchen to Your Table

Family-owned and operated, our story is the product of a lifelong passion for cooking, passed down through generations.

We started from our own kitchen, making pitas and homemade desserts for celebrations, with a vision that lead us to opening the storefront in 2016. We have since become a local favorite for our homemade delights.

At Gospa’s Delightful Foods, everything is made with love and care, just like it would be in your own kitchen. From our in-house smoked meats, to delicious sweets, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality, homemade foods they can enjoy with their loved ones.


For Every Occasion

We offer catering services for all occasions.
Whether you’re planning a corporate
event, a wedding, or a cozy dinner party,
our team will work with you to create a
custom menu that showcases the best of
our homemade delights.

Let us bring the flavor to your next gathering!

In Store

Every day, you’ll find a delightful array of freshly made desserts and an assortment of hand-stretched, delectable pitas and pastries, slow smoked meats, fresh BBQ meats, European imports and much more.

House-made Chevapi or Burgers, grilled to order, home-style sarma or daily stew.